The Australian Board of NLP is proud to invite you to the next Australian NLP Conference happening in Sydney, on the Weekend of 25-26 February 2017 and you already know we want you to be there!



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In the two day Conference you will: 

  • Marvin OkaConnect with the Australian NLP Community
  • Learn with and from dynamic NLP Trainers including Shelle-Rose Charvet, Richard Bolstad and Laureli Blyth
  • Gain more insight to the unconscious symbols throught Art Therapy techniques with Rob Grey
  • Get hands on experiental workshop style presentations and add more skills and competence to your NLP toolbox

The feedback from the last conference was so outstanding, we’ve had to work overtime to expand and improve on that – we think we’ve done it! 4 amazing speakers over 2 action packed days! Here are a few details about them:

ABNLP Shelle Rose Charvet LABShelle Rose Charvet

Shelle is a sought after trainer in the art of influence & persuasion – specifically what motivates and demotivates people.

As a recognized world expert in the Language and Behaviour Profile or ‘LAB Profile’ Shelle trains people to recognise and use 13 distinct meta-programs categories that effect motivation and performance.

[Learn more about and from Shelle]


Conversational Coaching – Move Someone from the Problem to the Solution

The vast majority of coaching happens outside of the official coaching session, in the hallway, on a phone call, or as a ‘by the way’ at the end of a meeting.

In this keynote, Shelle introduces what she calls “Conversational Coaching”, an informal, yet highly skilled coaching methodology.

Conversational Coaching© is an easy to remember step by step process. After you have practiced the steps several times with your clients, friends and family, soon enough you will notice how you can decode another person’s experience, without having to ask the standard LAB Profile questions. They you will also improve your facility with the LAB Profile Influencing Language and you will see the results right away.

This program includes:

  • A live demonstration of the Conversational Coaching© process
  • A detailed debriefing to identify what to listen for
  • How to decode the client’s problem and their solution LAB Profile Patterns
  • Testing your diagnosis for accuracy using the Rigorous, Empirical and Scientific Methodology
  • Influencing Language to shift the client into their own solution mode
  • Verbal and non-verbal ways to get permission to help vs. suffering from Healitis
  • How to ensure your client will succeed

One of the best parts of using the Conversational Coaching© methodology is that your clients and friends will never forget how you helped them. When you are able to decode someone’s problem and the solution they need, they will think you are a genius.

[Learn more about and from Shelle]

ABNLP Richard BolstadRichard Bolstad

Based in New Zealand, Richard Bolstad is a Master Trainer of NLP, Author and Psychotherapist. His central interest is in linking NLP to wider issues of spiritual devleopmet and conflict resolution. In addition to training NLP, Richard teaches Hypnosis, Transforming Communication and Taoist Healing Techniques.

[Learn more about and from Richard]

Resilience: Accepting and Transcending Change

In a crisis, some people crash and never get back on their feet, some recover slowly, and some are what researchers call resilient. As the world and people change, resilience is the key to growth. NLP Master Trainer, Richard Bolstad has been using NLP to assist with trauma, growth and resilience for the past few decades. In this interactive workshop, Richard will share tools to identify, create and prosper from a resilient mindset. You will experience a variety of NLP techniques to assist yourself or others install the mental approach of resilient individuals.


ABNLP Laureli BlythLaureli Blyth

Laureli has over 20 years in the field of NLP. She is a well known and respected International NLP Master Trainer, Clinical Hypnotherapist, & Numerologist.

She lectures & teaches programs in Australia, USA, Europe & Asia Pacific, inspiring others to use their minds, get their voice & have the life they desire.

[Learn more about and with Laureli]

Connecting with Your Higher Conscious Mind

We already know that our mind and body are connected, but what comes after that? The Higher Consciousness of a person is what leads us to our destiny, our purpose and our mission in life. With NLP Master Trainer Laureli Blyth, we will go on a journey to make a connection with your Higher Self by tapping into your Higher Conscious Mind. When you are able to listen and explore your consciousness in a new way, with a higher vibration you can explore your pathway and purpose to life. This interactive workshop will provide you with hands on tools to use with yourself and others to learn to create an intuitive self, trust your higher conscious mind – and even step onto the pathway of your purpose.

ABNLP Rob GreyRob Grey

A highly regarded art therapy lecturer from Germany, Robert Gray has degrees in art therapy, psychology and theology. As a psychologist, he is able to present art therapy practises in an evidence-based context which further facilitates a well-founded and comprehensible training program. He leads the field in art therapy with his unique integration of psychological techniques and spiritual practices. Robert is the founder and director of the College for Educational and Clinical Art Therapy.

[Learn more about and with Rob]

Using Art Therapy to Uncover Resources

From an NLP perspective, we already know that we have all of the resources we need to achieve our desired results; we also know that sometimes those resources are hidden gems yet to be found. The unconscious mind represents our inner world as symbols – through Art Therapy, these symbols are the most accessible and natural form of communicating to the human experience. International Art Therapist and Art Therapy Lecturer, Rob Gray will provide a hands-on experiential workshop focusing on using Art Therapy to unlock the creative consciousness to access resources from the past to use in the present and future. Get ready to draw, colour, create and uncover your resources!

Conference happening in Sydney, on the Weekend of 25-26 February 2017 and you already know we want you to be there!



ABNLP Memberlab-early

25% Member Discount

LAB + Conference