Dec – Dane Tomas – Creating the Spiral

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Join Dane Tomas and Kylie Ryan as they have a spirited conversation about personal growth. Dane is the leader of the Integrated Man Movement, and creator of a healing method called The Spiral, which blends NLP, Kinesiology, Chakras & Spiral Dynamics to create a powerful change modality.

Join us on 15th December 12pm.




We will cover unorthodox topics like:

  • the shadow of the personal development industry.
  • where NLP & Spirituality intersect.
  • Embodying the Masculine Archetypes.
  • How to clear your Sh!t (One of Dane’s books)
  • How and why Dane created the Spiral process.
  • How NLP’ers can create their own method and movement if they desire.

Dane Tomas is a writer, performer and innovator inspired by topics such as consciousness, sexuality, entrepreneurship and personal evolution.

He is the author of two books “Clear Your Shit” and “The Conscious Hustle”.
He currently dedicates his time to poetry and performance, building transformational businesses, learning Brazilian Jiujitsu and is conducting a 148 day masculine archetype experiment as research for his new book: “The Integrated Man”
Men can join the Integrated Men’s Circle on Facebook.