February – Personal Branding with Mandy Hargreaves

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Are you hiding in your coaching business and in life?

Do you feel invisible, frumpy, daggy or concerned with some aspect of your body and appearance?

Would you like to learn how you can activate your own gorgeousness to become more magnetic and charismatic?

You can do all the belief work and business marketing in the world, but if you don’t have the skill-set to embody your own power and presence then you will struggle to magnetise clients as easily as you could.

Join personal branding specialist and style coach Mandy Hargreaves as she leads you on a fun journey to reconnect with your own gorgeousness, and help you to master your own personal style and bring that into your professional brand.

16th February 12pm – 1pm



About Mandy

Finding Gorgeous helps women to discover their very own unique feminine style, style which says I’m celebrating who I am…I am gorgeous!

I have met far too many women who do not feel gorgeous about who they are. Too many of you look at your body and think that you are not enough! The truth is no matter who you are….YOU ARE ENOUGH!

I have helped 1000’s of women find an outfit which celebrates what they have! Every shape, size and age you can imagine. The biggest hurdle they ALL had to overcome was being able to see they have gorgeous features. All women can very quickly identify the parts of their body they don’t like however identifying their gorgeous features is much more challenging.

So after 20 years in the fashion industry I have gathered my extensive knowledge to deliver products and services to help you find your gorgeous!! It is my personal mission to help you discover your very own unique feminine style, so you not only look amazing but feel truly gorgeous about who you are.
Many women have told me they wish I could live in their wardrobe!! What they’re really saying is;

I need help, I don’t know HOW to sort out my wardrobe! I’m unsure what is good and what isn’t. I am unsure on what suits me and my wardrobe is chaos. I constantly feel like I have nothing to wear!!

The truth is I don’t need to live in your wardrobe. You just need strategies to understand HOW to get your wardrobe, style and shopping sorted once and for all!! When you understand how to identify styles which suit you will have the confidence to build a versatile wardrobe full of value.

I want to teach you what I know, I want to support you and help you to see that you are gorgeous! I want you to get dressed in the morning and LOVE what you see.

I am so blessed to see the huge difference it makes to my clients lives when they have discovered how to overcome what was stopping them from feeling gorgeous! I truly love living my purpose of helping women to uncover the true essence of who they are, not what they have been told they should be!

Finding Gorgeous will help you unlock your confidence and feel more gorgeous in your style. ONLY for those ladies ready to stop with all the reasons why you can’t, and start finding reasons why you can! Are you ready to find your gorgeous?

Finding Gorgeous is my mission because ALL women have gorgeous features and sometimes they need reminding!