A Spiritual Journey

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By Laureli Blyth

fca005b2362f2c105fc1c49950c6bb31Have you ever had an experience when you knew there was more to life and the world than you were living? Do you remember when you were first curious, open, interested in the unknown world? Sometimes there is something that triggers this desire to know or learn, either way an unfolding happens.

My earliest years were with adults in a sheltered, conservative, strong Christian family. Very isolated on a farm in the middle of the plains of Colorado. I had to rely upon myself for entertainment. Nothing like the world we live in today. I had a friend who would come be with me who was a woman that called herself Sheba. (no one else could see her, but they would watch me talk to her.) She would tell stories of the yonder world and of places to visit when I got big. She also led me to ‘see and know things that were to come.’ Sheba would give me information when the family needed warnings. There were many times when I didn’t realize the impact of her messages until I witnessed the reactions from the adults. As I got older I knew she was an angelic guide that helped to prepare me for my life. I am forever grateful for being allowed that beginning and to remember the connection the stories and the great platform it gave me.

I always knew that life was grander than the small worlds people lived in. I knew if I had a need or wanted guidance I could rely on the messages from within. I had to figure out a way of turning off my ‘sensitive awareness,’ so I could function without picking up other peoples’ energies. I found a way to be what I call ‘neutral’, so I was not off nor on and yet I could shift to either easily. I also knew that there was a greater me overseeing my life.

They say energy flows where attention goes and I think this accounts for the many occurrences I have experienced.

One of my most vivid was when I was about 12. My science teacher came in with some stories about a lady who was hypnotised at the university hospital. The teacher had a colleague who lent him a tape of some of the hypnotic sessions. I can still remember how exciting this was for me. This was in the 60’s when the tapes were as big as dinner plates and the equipment to run it had two huge reel to reel tracks. The psychiatrist preformed a ‘new’ type of therapy –hypnosis. The session went back to when the lady was a baby in a crib then – bang, she was speaking in a Irish brogue and talking about a complete different existence. Later I found out this was the famous ‘Bridie Murphy’ tapes. Who knows, we may have even been listening to the originals. My point is this opened another avenue of possibilities to contemplate. Was there an after-life, a past life, and future life. It is uncanny that this event even took place in such a small, conservative town and yet it was a pivotal point of my pathway.

Being curious lead me to search and research many various avenues of what I’d call the ‘spirit’ world. Numerology has been an amazing set of understanding, exploring past lives, understanding chakras, meditation, breath work, using 6th sense, ancient shamanic practices, energy work, healing, dreams, NLP, and a huge variety of esoteric studies.

My spiritual journey has been a place of expansive calm, peace an all-ness. It was never of ghosts, or scary things, it was the light, bright flow of consciousness. I am excited that there are possibilities and even more to learn, be curious about and to share.  I hope to meet you in February at the 2017 NLP Conference in Sydney!

Laureli has over 20 years in the field of NLP. She is a well known and respected International NLP Master Trainer, Clinical Hypnotherapist, & Numerologist.  Laureli is a Trainer Member of the ABNLP.

She lectures & teaches programs in Australia, USA, Europe & Asia Pacific, inspiring others to use their minds, get their voice & have the life they desire.

Laureli is a speaker at the ABNLP 2017 Australian NLP Conference taking place in Sydney, 25-26 February.